The Hartley Chambers Family Tree

This site contains the Hartley Family and the Chambers Family Trees with roots in Queensland,
New South Wales, Victoria, England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland.

Welcome to the Hartley Chambers Family Tree Home Page! ... Please contact us if you are a relative or have any information on anyone listed on this site.

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Special thanks to:

Glenda Fagg - a lovely lady who has spent a great deal of time helping me trace my Rockhampton relatives out of the goodness of her heart & for taking the time to visit the graves of my relatives & sending me photographs. Thanks Glenda! I appreciate it more than you know!

Judy - for providing me with the names of Rev. Robert Hartley's brothers: John and Richard, for solving the riddle of how we are related to Sir William Pickles Hartley, for the information on Robert Taylor Hartley & his family & most importantly, for the wonderful photograph she sent me of some of my Hartley ancestors!

Peter Osbaldeston for sending me the family tree of Sir William Pickles Hartley, for the information that William Hartley was a Schoolmaster in Colne & for confirming William & Christinana Hartley had two sons named Richard & John.

Gordon Hartley - A friendly and helpful gentleman in the UK who has provided me with information on the Sir William Pickles Hartley side of the family, has provided me with the names of William Hartley's parents & one of their sons which I previously did not know about (Lister Hartley), and for photographs of Hartley relatives and buildings in England. Gordon has published a booklet on Sir William Pickles Hartley.

Julie Hill and Paul Lacey for their helpful websites on the Pilkington side of the family. (Websites listed below)

Viv Gaskin - a wonderful lady from the UK who made all my Christmases come at once when she provided me with the names and information on my Great, great, great, great, great grandparents and my Great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather and other members of the family.  I can't thank you enough Viv and I hope my website has been helpful to you also.

To everyone else who has emailed me either sharing / comparing information or asking questions or introducing themselves as a distant relative.

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BCC Grave Location Search

Genealogy Links

Australian Cemeteries

Central Qld Family History Assn

Pilkington Family

Hi, Welcome to our website! 

This website was created to share the details of our family tree with our relatives, to help with their research and to share information. 

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Some names on the website are 'Restricted' and are not clickable. People with a 'Restricted' status are either still living or were born less than 90 years ago. Their records are restricted to protect their identities (for privacy reasons). All other records are currently available for public viewing. If you are a relative and would like further information, please email us explaining who you are and why you are requesting the information. We love to hear from relatives and are keen to share information (which is why this website was created).

Note: We do not give out Administration Access to the Family Tree database or allow other family members to update the website for quality control reasons. If you require information or have information that you would like to share, please email us.

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NOTE: that all dates contained on this website are in AUSTRALIAN format
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Index of names that can be found in the database:

There are currently over 500 family members in the database.

(Note: Members of the Chambers side of the family have not yet been entered - but will be entered soon.)

Some of family names currently in our database include:


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